Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unwed Sailor News...

Jonathon Ford and His various (and I do mean various as the line up changes constantly) group of musicians that assembled together go by Unwed Sailor are ready for another release after putting out two last year alone:

Unwed Sailor is scheduling studio time for the follow up to "Circles" and "The White Ox".The next album will be entitled "Little Wars".We are very excited about the songs and sounds that are happening.You can hear one of the songs that will be included on "Little Wars" here on our myspace page. The song is called "Copper Islands".We think you will be surprised and pleased with what you will hear and experience on the new record.There are lots of surprises coming this year....so keep an eye and ear out for us.As always, thanks for listening.yours truly....Unwed Sailor"



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