Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Modest Mouse goes retro...

Modest Mouse bassist, Eric Judy, has recently stated how he wishes the unused tracks from their past two albums somehow see the light of day in a single release. But The Stranger has a better story, they go back to the olden days of Modest Mouse (mid 90's).

Check it out:


Monday, April 23, 2007


Guy you never want to see at your doorstep in the middle of the night, Sam Beam, who is more notably staged as Iron and Wine, has a new release coming out on Sub Pop. It's time to hit the snooze bar kiddies.

Whaa Whaa Whaa

Whiney bastard, Morrissey, is getting the boo treatment from the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame because he doesn't want to take the stage with the Smiths. Apparently he has some financial beef with the drummer. But if a double decker bus crashed into the both of them, he wouldn't think it wasn't a heavenly way to die.

The Smashing Pumpkins A.K.A. Zwan 2.0

Billy Corgan/Jimmy Chamberlain project, the Smashing Pumpkings, have released a track listing for "Zeitgeist":

'Doomsday Clock'
'7 Shades Of Black'
'That's The Way'
'United States'
'Never Lost'
'Bring The Light'
'Come On (Let's Go)'
'For God and Country'
'Pomp And Circumstance'

You know what would be better news than tracklistings? Announcements of band members and new tracks!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh yeah...

This just in... Andrew Bird is awesome.

Pennywise singer has a daddy book!?!

Socal Dudecore Kings, Pennywise, have been around for along time and have done quite a bit, but in even more funny news. Singer Jim Lindberg has a new book out called "Punk Rock Dad" about his experiences being a "punk rocker" and a father at the same time. I probably sound mean talking about this, but whenever I think of Pennywise, I think of the overly fat kid at the show or the jock who is also their who have to "put you in your place". Why doesn't Fletcher write a book called "I'm gonna punch you in the face' Dad"? geesh

Iceland, Smiceland...

Iceland's finest, Sigur Ros, have a new book coming out called "A Year With Sigur Ros", which will cover their tour for their last album, "Takk". And in a more limited edition version, it will come with the vinyl versions of a few of their albums, including 'Agaetis Byrjun', '( )', 'Takk' and 'Smaskifa' .


Say Goodbye Good...

Virtualband, the Gorillaz, have announced that their next project (a film and score) will the be the group's last work. Catchy stuff, but I think they realized their heyday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Social Distortion

Apparently, Mike Ness and crew aren't done yet, even though have a Greatest Hits coming out. The collection is gonna have a song that will probably end up on their next album too. I like Social Distortion and all, but with any band I always ask this one question in this situation:

"If you aren't breaking up and you plan on recording more, why have a Greatest Hits?"

Architecture in Helsinki is on Polyvinyl

The first time I heard Architecture in Helsinki, it was a really hot day and I remember them sounding like the Fiery Furnaces. A little later, I heard more and it grew on me. Now they have found a good home at Polyvinyl, congrats!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Asian Kung Fu Generation

I am gonna just go out and say it...

These guys are like the Asian Weezer!

And Matt Sharp is already down with em too....

Ornette Coleman

Legendary jazz genius Ornette Coleman wasn't really given the time of day a few months back at the Grammys by pretty much everyone there except Flea. Well proving how tiny something like a grammy can be, Ornette Coleman was given The Pulitzer Prize for his album "Sound Grammar". Take that Grammys! The guy helps define and innovate a whole genre of music, and people like Carrie Underwood might not care, but at least people with brains do! Kudos Ornette, you should get like 100 more Pulitzers for "The Shape Of Jazz To Come" alone.

Damiera go buh bye

I didn't really think they were horrible or anything, but I find it odd when bands issue statements about their breakup when they have only been around for two years...

Sum 41

Hey, Sum 41 has a new album out dude! It's called "WHO CARES!?"

Friday, April 13, 2007


We saw you Trent Reznor!

Aerosmith Day?

Holy crap, I was looking at the calendars on Wikipedia and today is Aerosmith Day in Massachusettes! Wicked Queeyah!

You know what band from Boston needs a Holiday!?


Juliana Hatfield's E-Imposters

Boston singer/songwriter Juliana Hatfield (also known for her work with The Blake Babies, Some Girls, and on occasion with The Lemonheads) has issued a statement on her site about the unpleasantry of her particular E-Imposter:

"Someone purporting to be ‘Juliana Hatfield’ is disseminating disturbing email messages, postings, and e-cards throughout the Internet. Please ignore any and all unsolicited anti-Semitic, racist/fascist, or sexually perverted email or e-cards sent by ‘Juliana Hatfield.’ It is not coming from me. This has, sadly, been going on for quite some time. I thought that if I ignored the problem, or at least didn’t acknowledge it publicly, the perpetrator would eventually get this sickness out of his/her system and move on to happier, healthier, more productive pursuits. I was wrong.And now I feel I must issue this disclaimer, for the benefit of any of you who may yet be targeted: Please don’t open any unsolicited mail from ‘Juliana Hatfield’ if you don’t know me. Please don’t even look at this stuff. It’s ugly and kind of heartbreaking.

Sincerely,Juliana Hatfield"


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hotel Lights...

Former Drummer of Ben Folds Five, Darren Jessee, has been garnering much recoginition with his newer band which he fronts, Hotel Lights. Currently they are back in the studio recording a new album. Be on the look...


Burning Ring (actually House) of Fire

The Man In Black's TN home was severely damaged the other day due to fire. It's current owner who is one of the Beegees was pretty bummed too. His voice even got lower. Bummer.

Blur Gets Political.... sort of...

Blur's stickman, Dave Rowntree is running for office in England as a member of the Labour party. I am not British, so I have no clue what that means, but if you are British and you like Blur, hook him up.

There is Hope...

People are sad when a good band breaks up. But people rejoice when bands like Eighteen Visions break up. Rejoice!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sinking Ships

Despite the fact that hardcore shows have become giant bro parties lately. Seattle's Sinking Ships are making good the tarnished name of hardcore by actually putting punk back into it. As dumb as that last sentence sounds, you have to admit it's true.

Deep Elm does Deep Elm...

In a possible attempt to cash in on former glories, Deep Elm has decided to issue a covers comp of newer Deep Elm bands covering the bands of the label's greater past. Expect to hear covers of Pop Unknown, Brandtson, and Appleseed Cast on this comp.

Also, because the genre in no way has been cliche'd yet, your band can submit music for the new Emo Diaries compilation they are still putting together... HOLY CRAP!! They still make those?

Panic At The Disco News...

This just in, and the reports are confirmed... If you like Panic At The Disco, you are infact retarded.

The Queers

According to punknews, New Hampshire's finest, The Queers are set to hit the road due to reissuings of alot of their previous works. If I come out to the show and don't hear "Punk Rock Girls" or "Wimpy Drives Through Harlem", I would be ticked.

Louie For Hire

Lou Barlow is a man of integrity, admitting that his recent reunion with Sebadoh has nothing to do with money. Who knows, one day we might even seee a Folk Implosion reunion... But what's this?! Lou has publically admitted that his recent rejoining with Dinosaur Jr. is about the money?!


Who cares? He probably knows this and that is why he said it publically. It's not like five indie snobs are running around ready to pounce Barlow for making an album that we know they'll all praise. Reunions are cliche, but Barlow makes good music even if J. Mascis is killing a guitar in the process.


James Iha revealed that He WILL NOT becoming back to the fold with the Smashing Pumpkins like we had assumed. He also added that He had not talked to Billy Corgan in years. Instead, he plans to be working on a new solo album.

Fall Out Boy falls out... for now.

Fall Out boy is gonna be on hiatus for a few weeks. The bass player (who isn't the singer, but somehow the frontman) said "personal issues", but hopefully those issues involve breaking up. Either way, you can at least sleep easier in those weeks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Human Zombie, Keith Richards has got to be the sickest dude in the world. He loves his daddy about as much as he does his cocaine too:

"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father,"

HOLY CRAP! and then:

"He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared,"

DOUBLE CRAP! and then:

"... It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive."

I could go on, but really... would it serve a purpose? We already know that sanity waved bye bye to old Keith decades ago.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Aww Yeah!

Legends the fricikin' Bad Brains are set to release a new album on MegaForce Records(more known for having had Metallica)! Bad Brains! Last time I heard anything from them was when they released "God of Love", but I hope they get back to the good stuff. Also, if you haven't seen American Hardcore, go see it NOW!


Atreyu are supposed to be working on a new album. How does a band who has done nothing great even have a greatest hits? Probably too many guy only parties brought on such an idea. Anyways, it will be coming to a hot topic near you soon, so get out your Good Charlotte hats and AFI wrist bands, because this one is gonna be a stinker.

The Cure Help Ashlee Simpson?

Bastian of credibility, Ashlee Simpson is working on a new album we believe to be titled "Nosejob Blues", which should be out before the year is over. What is more suprising is that the Cure are set to help her out! Oh snap!