Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Those in the know...Okkervil River is set to release an EP Titled The Stage Names. Though it is not due till August the better half of the internet savvy music world will no doubt have their hands on this beforehand ( ahem ). This Coupled with Shearwater's Re-release through Matador have most men, not ashamed to admit they cry, weaping for joy.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Why did he die? Marketing apparently. I had a totally other comment for this, but even I thought it was bad.

Billy Corgan breaks your heart once again...

I could talk all the crap in the world on this one, but pitchfork said it perfectly:



Maritime (shown above in their early line up, now a four piece) have a new album coming out. It's probably going to be very good too. I'll probably love it. But in my heart of hearts, I will always long for another record from The Promise Ring.


When not challenging the Arcade Fire in style, Interpol have been busy writing and recording their much anticipated major label debut. The band is comprised of the mafia hitman dude, the dude who wants to look like Arcade Fire, thr mortician, and the wolf looking guy. Indie kids left and right are gonna go nuts for this... Oh Yeah! We found the cover early for you:

party like it's 1995

Hey Bro! I was in my tribal tattoo chat room the other night and I found out the dudes in Velvet Revolver are totally gonna jam out this summer with Alice In Chains. Later on, they are all gonna watch Dazed and Confused! I am so busting out my jester/Dr. Seuss hat on this one, and maybe we will play hackey sack and wear No Fear T-Shirts! Let's party bro!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

hahahahaha part 2

we saw you jenny lewis!

Holy Crap...

Happy Birthday Kip Winger. You have given me countless, COUNTLESS hours of laughing!

Oh Boy...

When not busying himself doing Sonic Youth, or frightening women and children alike, Thurston Moore has supposedly been working on a solo album. It's gonna be out also in September. I don't think I am gonna be running down to the record store so fast for this one.


No new Cursive yet, but The Good Life has a new album coming out in September! Good!

Hey Hot Topic Kids!

Cartel has finished their bubble album, and yes... it is going to totally suck. Holy crap! Isn't that guy in the back from mewithoutyou? Nah, but I bet you wished he was.

Ken Stringfellow's The Disciplines

Ken Stringfellow is a busy guy, when not being in R.E.M., The Posies, working on his solo album, or answering questions of what it was like in Lagwagon (Double Plaidinum!), he has been ,mainly in Europe and has started a new band called the Disciplines. If you liked Ken Stringfellow before, you are gonna love it. If not, get Soft Commands.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Quit Already

Your band sucks, your guitar player is dying, your bass player is a washed up drug addict, and your singer belongs on a beach in 1987. Motley Crue has got their panties wadded up because Tommy Lee doing crappy reality shows makes them look bad and cost them some money. Here is the actual statement:

"The Dr. Feelgood band sued one of their managers Monday, claiming that Carl Stubner made business decisions with his own interests in mind and gave Lee bad career advice, which in turn tarnished the group's image."

Tarnished Image? SHUT UP! You tarnished it from the beginning. Just face the fact that comebacks don't come to everybody, especially washed up 80's hair metal bands.

Due us a favor and break up for good or only tour Japan, where 5 people bought your last album.

Happy Birthday Nick Drake!

We could have said happy birthday to Paula Abdul, but Nick Drake made classics in his short lifespan and influenced songwriters for generations to come. Nick Drake didn't sing with a cartoon cat.


Does anyone else but me notice how Nick Cave looks like Ben Folds?

Dun Dunn DUNN!

Bobby Bobby Bobby...

Robert Pollard has got two albums coming out this fall. If one of those albums doesn't say "Guided By Voices", a bunch of dudes in their 30's who still wear flannel are gonna be pissed. We will still buy the albums and love them, but we will always have a special place for GBV in our hearts. Please do the standard, we broke up- will get back together in 5 years thing.


Saves The Day are making a new album. Who is actually in the band now? They change members almost as much as Zao. Bazing!

Bad, stop it! Now!

Sonic Youth had asked friends and fans to list their favorites for a special comp! That sounds awesome, but then it turned to crap...

It's gonna be released to be sold at Starbucks.

If you were ever to lose hope in music, now might be the time to do it.

It's no rumor...

Coalesce are getting back to playing shows. Do they ever really break up? Sean Ingram sent this to punknews:

"Instead of looking at coalesce as a second career or some ego-stroking project to prove something within modern music, it is being held closely and personally by the members as their time to put aside familial duties, work, school, or whatnot, and simply “do it.” In short, we just want to hang out together again and play our shows out of a peculiar love for doing so (in all it’s ugly purity). Please let us make it very clear that this is not a “reunion” tour in any way shape or form. Since it’s simply the nature of Coalesce to come and go as it pleases, terms like “reunion” make no sense when applied to it. "

You could kind of tell...

Ryan Adams revealed in a recent interview that he was insanely addicted to drugs prior to last year. We kind of had the idea when you have lyrics like "if I could have my way, I'd take some drugs." Mixing coke and heroin and outdrinking everyone at the same time, the dude put back way too much and is lucky to be alive.

It's a good thing he quit while he did, or who knows where he would have ended up:

Those damn hippies!

Jazz Innovator/Grammy Award Winner/Pulitzer Prize winning genius, Ornette Coleman passed out to heatstroke at Bonaroo. Patchouli does not count as medicine! You take care of our living legends you sandal lovers!

Uh... Okay...

Man, I love the Beatles. Who doesn't really? Ringo Starr was awesome in the Beatles, and his legacy will always have that. One thing though, Ringo is releasing a "best of" of his solo work. For real? I seriously can't name one non-beatles, Ringo Starr song at all.

Talking that crap...

Alright, so I made the mistake of waking up and not wacthing the news and decided to see what were on the music channels before I went out this morning.

First off, Maroon 5:
Bro Parties should not make bands! This crap sounds like 80's cocaine music trying to achieve "virtual insanity". I swear that Miami Vice misses this band so bad. Expect sports coats with acid wash jeans and pink t-shirts on dudes (Joe Piscopo) to come who think they will get chicks from listening to this trite.

Next up, Curtis/50 Cent:
Every time this guy opens his mouth, millions of whiteboy rapper wannabes get "ideas". Rap's biggest overbite was on TV this morning saying that without agressive content or sex that "music wouldn't exist". What a frickin idiot. He was also talking about "what a great talent" Justin Timberlake was and how his new album is going to change the game. You will never be as cool as Biz Markee, ever.
Lastly, there was this commercial for Bon Jovi Unplugged. If that wasn't already bad enough they got that heroin addict kid from the All American Rejects to sing some songs with them. It's like a double stuffed oreo, but instead of filling, you get crap.

Monday, June 18, 2007


The drummer from Dillinger Escape Plan quit to work on Coheed and Cambria! HOLY CRAP! That is almost as dumb a decision as letting Michael Jackson watch your kids! That dude needs to stop tripping acid and letting jam bands persuade him into bro parties like that!

Friday, June 15, 2007


#SPLIT8 - David Bazan - The Man In Me
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Damiera come back from the big sleep...

Apparently they haven't broken up. New members during their "break up" brought back this band. Alright.

The answer is yes.

read it and you will know.

Fake Plastic Trees: The Musical

SAY WHAAAA?! Some Ballet called "Ride The Beast" will feature at least 5 tracks from the Radiohead, debuting in Edindurgh in August. Hmm....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Adventures of Pete and Jounce

Music Blogs basically get started by people who end up knowing too much about certain things. For example, today I was fixated on the television show The Adventures of Pete and Pete. And come to find out that the younger Pete grew up and plays in some jam band called Jounce. Which is along way from his earlier days:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Particle Man!

John Linnell of They Might Be Giants turns 48 today! Expect many more weird and great albums from the group to come.

The Blow continues on...

Paper Television, one of last year's best records saw the Blow reaching more people than ever before. Although Jonah's other project, Yacht, has taken off as well. This takeoff has prompted Jonah to leave the Blow and delve into his solo project more fully. Rest assured though that Khaela is gonna keep going on as the Blow has been around before Jonah, it will be around after Jonah.

... and we look forward to it.

Manson Vs. My Chemical Romance

Manson and My Chemical Romance are supposedly mad at each other or something. Chances are one of the dudes in My Chemical Romance was mad because he died his hair white and didn't look like Steve Martin so he said something about how Manson was Paul from TV's The Wonder Years. Since Manson and Fred Savage are mad tight bros who became friends due to their deep devotion to the show Boy Meets World, Manson/Brian Warner got ticked off and said how that band is stealing all of his hot topic money. None of this has anything to do with either of their music, which makes it that much more interesting.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Fiery Furnaces...

The Fiery Furnaces will be releasing Widow City with their new label home, Thrill Jockey, in October. They just released their last album on a new label. Odd.

Important Linkin Park News...


Ash in Ashes?

No more Ash? Possibly. The trio were playing some sets in the UK and Tim Wheeler introduced one song as "the first song from our final album". Bummer.

Ah you morbid wonder...

Morrissey (shown prancing) has announced that he would like to be buried at Los Angeles' Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Whoop dee doo. I guess you can say this barely qualifies as news....

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

awww yeahhh!

Pretty much one of the best bands to ever have made music, Fugazi, will have a book about them called Keep Your Eyes Open, which will be a photobook documenting the band, out in September of 2007! That is pretty nice! NOW MAKE A NEW ALBUM!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007



KEXP Pledge Drive

KEXP is probably the best radio station in the world. It's run mainly by the DJ's and the Listeners, no payola, no labels, no corperate influence. This is very rare when most stations are run by ClearChannel and mass conglomerates. Not only that, but KEXP plays great music, and everyone there cares first and foremost about the music they play and how to spread that music with others.

I wouldn't plug it if I didn't freely mean it, I contribute to this cause quite often and I urge you to do the same.

Plus, if you live in the Pacific NW, you'll get all kinds of hookups on stuff too.


Strung Out

"Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" is Strung Out's best since "Twisted By Design". Well Done!

Seven Nation Fist Punch

Former Zombie, Jack White is furious over the leak of the White Stripes new album! He even called up a station in Chicago that played some of the songs and screamed at the DJ and made her cry! Temper Temper...

Don't make Jack White mad... you wouldn't like him when he is mad...

especially if you are Jason from the Von Bondies!

Me Jack Smash! BOOM!

The Rentals

Matt Sharp and The Rentals have been busy reforming and writing since late 2005 and finally something came out of it! An EP! Due out in August! Some touring will be coming up with Copeland and then a full length! I wonder if it will be more like "Return of the Rentals" or "Seven More Minutes". Hmmm...

Ben Gibbard is a busy sucka!

Not only is Ben Gibbard (pictured frightening Colin Meloy with the threat of an open mouthed kiss) working on new stuff for the Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie, but has also wrote a new song and scored an upcoming movie on Kurt Cobain, but he also takes the time to be harrased and called gay by radio dj's:


That Crazy Mutha!

Last time Ryan Adams put anything out, he did it crazy and did three albums in one year, one of which was a double disc. This year not only sees the much anticipated "Easy Tiger" (which is awesome), but also will a boxed set of unreleased material from the singer/songwriter. The box set will have the much famed "Suicide Handbook", as well as other material that has been floating around the internet and some that has never seen the light of day. Not featured are the billion songs Ryan posted under pseudonyms on his website, rather calling those songs simply "a laugh". DARN!

Sunday, June 3, 2007