Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's no rumor...

Coalesce are getting back to playing shows. Do they ever really break up? Sean Ingram sent this to punknews:

"Instead of looking at coalesce as a second career or some ego-stroking project to prove something within modern music, it is being held closely and personally by the members as their time to put aside familial duties, work, school, or whatnot, and simply “do it.” In short, we just want to hang out together again and play our shows out of a peculiar love for doing so (in all it’s ugly purity). Please let us make it very clear that this is not a “reunion” tour in any way shape or form. Since it’s simply the nature of Coalesce to come and go as it pleases, terms like “reunion” make no sense when applied to it. "

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