Thursday, July 26, 2007


Everytime people are all like "Mute Math is sooo cool" I can't help but think that their singer used to be the rap dude in EarthSuit and think pretty much the opposite of what they are trying to tell me...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Davey Davey Bro Party Davey...

We have been kind of busy here at the city, but we'll have some more posts up soon.

Check this out, I was at the movies last night and since this isn't out on DVD, watch this very very poor quality pirate clip from "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" featuring a side of Dave Matthews we all knew...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Jon Bon Crabby

Jon Bon Jovi (pictured above as the douchebag who went out with your older cousin in 1986), is throwing some kind of fit because there is a drink called Mijovi. It's not even the same name. What a whiny turd. Go back to singing country unplugged music and starring in cheap vampire flicks. Remember when he ate it in U-571? Me either.

The Offspring...

...are working on a new album, which will suck. Remember how in 1995 people were all like "the offspring are awesome!" and then they started making novelty hits to keep on that cash cow. Not that their old stuff was great, but it is hard to maintain some kind of integrity with hits like "pretty fly for a white guy" and "original pranksta", do us all a favor and break up so that guitar player dude can go back and do his next failed project and so that the singer guy who looks like a "Chet" can go back to talking about his rockstar days to his other video game playing, WWE loving, Jnco wearing, faux jock science bros. "Dudes, the Offspring is playing, bust out the Heinekens!"

Harry Nilsson?

I have heard that guy's name related to music before, but I have no clue what he sang or wrote. There is supposed to be a documentary about him, but I haven't seen it. All I really know is that Sean Nelson from Harvey Danger is singing his stuff.

Nelson Sings Nilsson.

Fionn Regan

Man this guy just looks like he a jerk. But, man... this guy is an awesome songwriter.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Perry Farrell (who looks like Tim Kinsella with aids) and his band, Satellite Party, are hitting the road pretty heavy to bring their brand of oversexed, overdrugged, overhyped trite to a city near you soon. Even better than Satellite Party -getting your ear bitten off by Mike Tyson. I even heard that dude from Extreme was in this band. *rolls eyes*

Fugees? Nope.

The Fugees were about getting back together and Ooh La La La'ing us once again. But Pras and Wyclef got pissed off at Lauryn Hill for being crazy and too earthy, so the deal's off.

Artists, if you break up, mean it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yes Please, More of this...

Talk .... Get Hit.

Remember how we were telling you how that drummer from Dillinger quit to join the bro-love that is Coheed and Cambria?


The dudes in Dillinger got a little ticked off and talked mad crap:

"We found out about him playing with Coheed on the Internet. We were questioning keeping him in the band every day because it was embarrassing. But obviously, we felt that his talent was so needed for the band that we tried to make it work, and we let him go through this little midlife crisis or whatever it was, because we never thought he'd join that band over this band. It doesn't make sense.

The funny thing is, before all of this started going down, he used to make fun of that band, left and right. He'd imitate [Coheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez's] voice and would say, 'They .... suck' and all this ....

When Chris hears our record, he's going to feel like a real @$$hole, He blew it. This guy Gil [Sharone, the DEP's new drummer] we have playing on this, his drumming is unbelievable on this record. Some of the best drumming we've ever had on any of our records. And now, Gil is going to be known as the guy for this kind of thing."

This upset drummer dude pretty bad:

"It is a little disheartening to read what the guys have been saying about me. I still love the band and I still love the music. But there was some internal strife there and things were happening that I did not agree with. It is what it is, if they want to handle it that way then fine, I don’t want a shit-shouting match or to be a posterboy for somebody else’s press campaign."

I guess it is disheartening, but this guy was in this band for a while. A band that would seriously crotch punch each other on stage. Funny how that works eh?

Still... Coheed over Dillinger? What was he smoking?


Indie kids who want to be cool, have no fear -Gnarls Barkley is finishing up their new album. You'll be pretending to be cool in no time.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dragging no more...

Colorado's Drag The River (comprised of members from ALL, Hot Rod Circuit and ArmChair Martian) had split paving the way for Armchair Martian's return coming soon. Meanwhile, the dude from ALL, the dude from Hot Rod Circuit, and another guy from the band have went on to be Rocky Votolato's backup band.

Joey Cape

Joey Cape has been a very busy man, splitting his duties with Lagwagon, Me First and Gimme Gimmes, and a million other projects, he had decided to make an acoustic album which will be his second outing in this way (his last effort was his split with No Use For A Name's Tony Sly). It should be out around April.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

All things said...

I like the lemonheads better when dando isn't fried off his rocker.


Planes Mistaken For Stars are planning their farewell tour as you read this. While their last couple of albums weren't exactly my cup of tea, I did manage to catch them a few years back and let me tell you... it was loud, sweaty, dirty, and it pretty much rocked my face off. Look out for the last dates and go to one of them, you'll never regret it.


Our homey, John Davis (check our archives for the interview), has gotten back with the original line up of SUPERDRAG! They are playing a few shows and let me tell you, if you have the means to make it to one of these shows, DO SO!

That was just cold...

...cold stupid that Snow Patrol's Tom Simpson tried to sneak drugs through airport security and now has to face court time and possible jail time. You may be one butt ugly dude, but you should try to fill that void that drugs fill with the fact that your band is the hot thing right now and that should keep you happy.

Our Condolences...

Rapper KRS-One has recently had to face something I wish upon no one- the suicide of their son. Remember KRS-One the next few weeks/months he and his family try to endure this tragedy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keane on the Environment

That dude(?) from Keane Tom Chaplin (known by his close friends as "Emma") was all about supporting the environment this past weekend at Live Earth. Which is pretty cool considering that his band owes Travis alot of money for stealing their sound from five years ago.


perpetual douchebag, James Hetfield was held in the London Airport the other day for having a "Taliban Beard". If he has a Taliban beard, we need to seize hold of all of Kentucky and Georgia.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Missing Link...

not Jeremy Enigk, but the name of his new album will be having that title. I am pretty excited as it took about a decade for the last follow up to take place, this feels pretty good.

Light Em' Up Mate.

Snoop wants to become an Australian citizen now! That guy smokes more weed than Vermont.

Helms Alee

When you are online pining over bands you miss, you find out all sorts of interesting stuff. Did you know the guy from Harkonen/Roy has a new band? Check that stuff out!

Helms Alee's Myspace

Get ready for 2002...

... because Glassjaw is doing a couple of dates this year.

Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish have a new album in planning. These guys were awesome in 1997! 1997.


...apparently have a new album in the works. I already know it's gonna blow. Have you ever noticed how much Kirk looks like the bald dude from Mogwai?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Blindside is back?

Blindside has a new EP out. I met these guys in the airport before and they are pretty nice dudes. I wish I could say nice things about this EP they just made, but chances are if you didn't like Quicksand or Rival Schools, this isn't gonna make you happy. If you do, you will eat this up.

what more do you want from me

I just found this and had to post it. I couldn't find the first part but heres the second part:

read it and weep. everyone cross your fingers and or pray to whatever god you can. because knowing this band in a month the news will change. whatever happened to that dvd???

and if anyone has the few live tracks sean did with dillinger...youd be our newfound friend.

I hate reunions but...

I won't complain that Small Brown Bike will be playing shows again, at all.


Thursday is going back to victory records.

Mixing a crap band with a crap label that they used to make crap on always works to ensure that more crap will be made. Hot topic and Warp Tour kids, get ready. The crap is coming.


Weezer (pictured above in their "good" period) are working on a new album to be released in early 2008.

If it doesn't have Matt Sharp playing on it, it's gonna be just like their last three albums- BAD.

Math Lesson...

plus reunion


Band of Horses

Band of Horses are working on a new album, and from what I hear, their move from the NW to the South has greatly influenced the record. Chances are, it's still going to be amazing.


Rod Stewart got injured the other day performing and had to get stitches...

Knowing what we know about Rod, the stitches are located in a very unflattering place...

Devendra's new album...

Devendra Banhart has a new album in the works and is embarking on a North American tour soon.

I can't pinpoint it, but he has always reminded me of someone else...


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Those in the know...Okkervil River is set to release an EP Titled The Stage Names. Though it is not due till August the better half of the internet savvy music world will no doubt have their hands on this beforehand ( ahem ). This Coupled with Shearwater's Re-release through Matador have most men, not ashamed to admit they cry, weaping for joy.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Why did he die? Marketing apparently. I had a totally other comment for this, but even I thought it was bad.

Billy Corgan breaks your heart once again...

I could talk all the crap in the world on this one, but pitchfork said it perfectly:


Maritime (shown above in their early line up, now a four piece) have a new album coming out. It's probably going to be very good too. I'll probably love it. But in my heart of hearts, I will always long for another record from The Promise Ring.


When not challenging the Arcade Fire in style, Interpol have been busy writing and recording their much anticipated major label debut. The band is comprised of the mafia hitman dude, the dude who wants to look like Arcade Fire, thr mortician, and the wolf looking guy. Indie kids left and right are gonna go nuts for this... Oh Yeah! We found the cover early for you:

party like it's 1995

Hey Bro! I was in my tribal tattoo chat room the other night and I found out the dudes in Velvet Revolver are totally gonna jam out this summer with Alice In Chains. Later on, they are all gonna watch Dazed and Confused! I am so busting out my jester/Dr. Seuss hat on this one, and maybe we will play hackey sack and wear No Fear T-Shirts! Let's party bro!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

hahahahaha part 2

we saw you jenny lewis!

Holy Crap...

Happy Birthday Kip Winger. You have given me countless, COUNTLESS hours of laughing!

Oh Boy...

When not busying himself doing Sonic Youth, or frightening women and children alike, Thurston Moore has supposedly been working on a solo album. It's gonna be out also in September. I don't think I am gonna be running down to the record store so fast for this one.


No new Cursive yet, but The Good Life has a new album coming out in September! Good!

Hey Hot Topic Kids!

Cartel has finished their bubble album, and yes... it is going to totally suck. Holy crap! Isn't that guy in the back from mewithoutyou? Nah, but I bet you wished he was.

Ken Stringfellow's The Disciplines

Ken Stringfellow is a busy guy, when not being in R.E.M., The Posies, working on his solo album, or answering questions of what it was like in Lagwagon (Double Plaidinum!), he has been ,mainly in Europe and has started a new band called the Disciplines. If you liked Ken Stringfellow before, you are gonna love it. If not, get Soft Commands.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Quit Already

Your band sucks, your guitar player is dying, your bass player is a washed up drug addict, and your singer belongs on a beach in 1987. Motley Crue has got their panties wadded up because Tommy Lee doing crappy reality shows makes them look bad and cost them some money. Here is the actual statement:

"The Dr. Feelgood band sued one of their managers Monday, claiming that Carl Stubner made business decisions with his own interests in mind and gave Lee bad career advice, which in turn tarnished the group's image."

Tarnished Image? SHUT UP! You tarnished it from the beginning. Just face the fact that comebacks don't come to everybody, especially washed up 80's hair metal bands.

Due us a favor and break up for good or only tour Japan, where 5 people bought your last album.

Happy Birthday Nick Drake!

We could have said happy birthday to Paula Abdul, but Nick Drake made classics in his short lifespan and influenced songwriters for generations to come. Nick Drake didn't sing with a cartoon cat.


Does anyone else but me notice how Nick Cave looks like Ben Folds?

Dun Dunn DUNN!

Bobby Bobby Bobby...

Robert Pollard has got two albums coming out this fall. If one of those albums doesn't say "Guided By Voices", a bunch of dudes in their 30's who still wear flannel are gonna be pissed. We will still buy the albums and love them, but we will always have a special place for GBV in our hearts. Please do the standard, we broke up- will get back together in 5 years thing.


Saves The Day are making a new album. Who is actually in the band now? They change members almost as much as Zao. Bazing!

Bad, stop it! Now!

Sonic Youth had asked friends and fans to list their favorites for a special comp! That sounds awesome, but then it turned to crap...

It's gonna be released to be sold at Starbucks.

If you were ever to lose hope in music, now might be the time to do it.