Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Talk .... Get Hit.

Remember how we were telling you how that drummer from Dillinger quit to join the bro-love that is Coheed and Cambria?


The dudes in Dillinger got a little ticked off and talked mad crap:

"We found out about him playing with Coheed on the Internet. We were questioning keeping him in the band every day because it was embarrassing. But obviously, we felt that his talent was so needed for the band that we tried to make it work, and we let him go through this little midlife crisis or whatever it was, because we never thought he'd join that band over this band. It doesn't make sense.

The funny thing is, before all of this started going down, he used to make fun of that band, left and right. He'd imitate [Coheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez's] voice and would say, 'They .... suck' and all this ....

When Chris hears our record, he's going to feel like a real @$$hole, He blew it. This guy Gil [Sharone, the DEP's new drummer] we have playing on this, his drumming is unbelievable on this record. Some of the best drumming we've ever had on any of our records. And now, Gil is going to be known as the guy for this kind of thing."

This upset drummer dude pretty bad:

"It is a little disheartening to read what the guys have been saying about me. I still love the band and I still love the music. But there was some internal strife there and things were happening that I did not agree with. It is what it is, if they want to handle it that way then fine, I don’t want a shit-shouting match or to be a posterboy for somebody else’s press campaign."

I guess it is disheartening, but this guy was in this band for a while. A band that would seriously crotch punch each other on stage. Funny how that works eh?

Still... Coheed over Dillinger? What was he smoking?

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