Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Talking that crap...

Alright, so I made the mistake of waking up and not wacthing the news and decided to see what were on the music channels before I went out this morning.

First off, Maroon 5:
Bro Parties should not make bands! This crap sounds like 80's cocaine music trying to achieve "virtual insanity". I swear that Miami Vice misses this band so bad. Expect sports coats with acid wash jeans and pink t-shirts on dudes (Joe Piscopo) to come who think they will get chicks from listening to this trite.

Next up, Curtis/50 Cent:
Every time this guy opens his mouth, millions of whiteboy rapper wannabes get "ideas". Rap's biggest overbite was on TV this morning saying that without agressive content or sex that "music wouldn't exist". What a frickin idiot. He was also talking about "what a great talent" Justin Timberlake was and how his new album is going to change the game. You will never be as cool as Biz Markee, ever.
Lastly, there was this commercial for Bon Jovi Unplugged. If that wasn't already bad enough they got that heroin addict kid from the All American Rejects to sing some songs with them. It's like a double stuffed oreo, but instead of filling, you get crap.

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