Friday, April 13, 2007

Juliana Hatfield's E-Imposters

Boston singer/songwriter Juliana Hatfield (also known for her work with The Blake Babies, Some Girls, and on occasion with The Lemonheads) has issued a statement on her site about the unpleasantry of her particular E-Imposter:

"Someone purporting to be ‘Juliana Hatfield’ is disseminating disturbing email messages, postings, and e-cards throughout the Internet. Please ignore any and all unsolicited anti-Semitic, racist/fascist, or sexually perverted email or e-cards sent by ‘Juliana Hatfield.’ It is not coming from me. This has, sadly, been going on for quite some time. I thought that if I ignored the problem, or at least didn’t acknowledge it publicly, the perpetrator would eventually get this sickness out of his/her system and move on to happier, healthier, more productive pursuits. I was wrong.And now I feel I must issue this disclaimer, for the benefit of any of you who may yet be targeted: Please don’t open any unsolicited mail from ‘Juliana Hatfield’ if you don’t know me. Please don’t even look at this stuff. It’s ugly and kind of heartbreaking.

Sincerely,Juliana Hatfield"

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