Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Brothers Martin

There have been two acts of Tooth & Nail that have been on that label since it's beginning. One is the electro-pop project Joy Electric (Ronnie Martin). The other is longtime indie fav Starflyer 59 (Jason Martin). Back in the early 90's the Martin Brothers used to perform together as "Dance House Children", releasing two albums.

Once again, the two have come together as The Brothers Martin. Suprisingly, they have released their album on... Tooth & Nail. Oh wait, that is NO SUPRISE at all. It sounds pretty much like what you would think. Starflyer meets Joy Electric, but more on the SF59 side.




A few years ago, Me and my friend Chris were at a SF59 show, and he yelled out "play some joy electric" upon my dare. Jason Martin looked around for who said it and then said "someone kill that guy".

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