Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ken Stringfellow's new 7"

Ken Stringfellow seems to be one of these forces in music that people forget about. He is a long time touring member of R.E.M., playing various instruments. If you've ever watched one of their live DVDs you can see Him on there. He is one of the founding members of The Posies, who came out of Seattle around the same time a certain other group of musicians did that changed the face of music in 1990's. He produces for tons of people, and has album credits not only to the afforementioned, but is noted on albums by The Long Winters and Damien Jurdao.

Anyway, Ken has a new 7" out on some French label (Fiat Lux) with a guy named Luis Francesco Arena and they cover each other's songs.

Perhaps the most puzzling thing about Ken Stringfellow was the fact that He was once in Lagwagon! DUDE!

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