Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buck O Nine on Warped Tour

Dude... Bro... Uh Buck O Nine are back dude! They are totally playing the Warped Tour too bro! You know... it has alot of skateboarding and a few bands.

Oh wait... that was 1997.

Now Warped Tour has barely anything to do with skating and alot to do with Hot Topic and Merch Frenzies. Buck O Nine were big in the late 90's ska wave and hadn't really had a proper hit since then, but they are back to play the Warped tour for you. Considering the average age of a kid at the Warped Tour is like 15, that would have to make their fans about 6 or 7 when they last had a song on the radio or an album that had a considerable fanbase. More power to ya, but chances are no one there will remember who you are.

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