Monday, May 7, 2007

Rocky got a clue...

Nothing suprises me and makes me lose hope more than when good musicians with credibility join bands that are utter garbage. Rocky Gray was one of those people.

The dude played guitar in Living Sacrifice and Soul Embraced, both of which could melt your faces off with their energy alone. Then by some event that I am sure involved bribes and blackmail, he became the drummer for Evanesence.

Not only does that chick represent what nasty hot topic chicks look like to kids who play World of Warcraft and Halo too much, but she also tries to claim a artistic nature among women musicians when we know good and well that there are much better, more talented women who play music.

Well, Rocky got a clue and quit the band, but according to some contract he had to sign when he joined the farce, he has been issued a gag order barring him from talking about Evanesence. He has since come out to say that he did quit, and wants people to know that.

I am glad Rocky got a clue, but seriously... why would you join a crap band like that in the first place?


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