Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blair and Bragg

So... we don't stay too political on here unless it pertains to music somehow. Tony Blair resigned today, and rather me say something about, check out what Billy Bragg had to say about it...

from NME:

Tony Blair has announced today (May 10) that he will stand down as the British Prime Minister.Speaking from his constituency of Sedgefield the Labour leader admitted he will leave office on June 27. With no major competition anticipated it is expected he will be replaced as Prime Minister by current Chancellor Of The Exchequer, Gordon Brown.Following confirmation of Blair's departure, singer-songwriter and political campaigner Billy Bragg gave NME.COM his verdict on the Prime Minister's ten years in charge. "In 1997 when Blair was elected we lived in a time of possibilities," explained Bragg. "Some of those possibilities have been realised like the right for gay people to get involved in a civil union, the minimum wage, getting the hereditarys [peers] out of the House Of Lords and I've been pleased by those."However Bragg believed one major issue would taint the Prime Minister's legacy - Iraq."Obviously it'd all been overshadowed by the war and by Blair's failure to stop George Bush," he declared. "I think he relied on his abilities to have some leverage with the Americans but I think we're all painfully aware now how little that really worked, that's going to overshadow everything."

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