Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jason Anderson! (The Not So Interview)

You know, it's funny how people get into music because there is something that is more than the surface feel typically. We associate, we groove, and of course... we have fun. It's also sad too in many aspects. Many people who read this site (self included), get into these indie snob tendencies where we can go to a show for a band/artist that we absolutely LOVE and see kids (or maybe ourselves) pretending not to have fun. You know (or are) these kids- crossed arms and too afraid to smile at the people who came there for the very reason they did... to have fun.

I can't lie, I have been in this place before. And I tell you the truth when I say this... breaking free and just letting loose and having fun is a great thing!

Enter Jason Anderson...

...someone who can get groups of people together and just get them back to the reason why we all started loving music in the first place, because it can both personal and fun...

...someone who can get people to enjoy music whether it be just himself and a guitar rallying a small group, or with a band rocking out in a packed club, Jason gets people back to honesty in the pure joy of having fun in music...

I asked Jason to get us back to speed with his current projects and let us know what music he has been listening to lately, and instead of doing a regular interview, I just let Jason tell us without anyone jumping in and asking a million questions and I think it came out awesome:

"i have some finished albums that will be coming out soon. the first one is called "tonight" and will come out in august on my friend dave's label, eca. i recorded this with my good friends in new england--friends who have been my band for the last two years or so--and everything was done pretty much live, down to one-taking the vocals. the energy is awesome, and, i think, comes closer than anything i've ever recorded to capturing the fun and passion i try to put into every single show i play, whether there are five people there or fifty. anyway, for this recording i also put a bulletin on myspace inviting anyone and everyone--up to fifty people, just due to space limitations--to come sing group parts."

Jason went on to say:

"it was amazing. friends--old and new--came from maine, vermont, new york and even pennsylvania; everyone made the trek to be a part of the music. i bought cookies, m & m's and name tags for everyone, and the recording took place in an old wooden gymnasium on an estate in central massachusetts. this was a really magical experience, and i felt so incredibly lucky to have all of these talented people sharing their voices and energy. they made the songs over one million times better than they probably deserve to be. it was just fantastic! ;one of the best days of the year. the second album will come out on k records in february. i recorded it last year in chicago, at soma studio, which is a really wonderful place. the guy who runs it, john mcentire is so friendly and helpful. my buddy felix--from germany!--played drums, and other friends helped out loads, too. there is some great pedal steel and lead guitar, and it has sort of a country-rock feel, whereas "tonight" is much more straight forward. this album is called "the hopeful and the unafraid" and has a lot of the songs i've been playing on tour for the last two years. songs i know by heart, and am excited to finally have on cd. the third project is called "hidden light/wilderness" or "wilderness/hidden light" and is a record of more introspective, mostly winter-based songs. i am so happy to have this album completed, as a nice counterpoint to the more uplifting, rocking sounds of the other two. it's another side of my songwriting, and gives a little bit of balance to the picture. i am not sure what label this will be on, although i have talked to some friends about it. a lot of the songs are very long and very wordy. poem songs. or something. there are also a few recorded concerts--both solo and with the band--that have been in consideration for a live album. oh, i also have a five song EP of songs that i recorded alone in one day, playing all the instruments. it sounds great. i'm hoping to release that somehow, maybe a self-release. i also have the next album written, but not recorded. i'm not sure when i'll record that, but i would like to do it quickly and sort of in the heat of the moment. i have been playing bass with my friend brian michael roff who is a great songwriter. he has a new album called "the underpainting" and it's a treat to sit in with him. i've been playing piano with other friends at their shows, too--with mara flynn, gregg porter, and guy capaceletro III; all pheonemal songwriters who i hope people will find out more about--which i always love getting a chance to do. last year i played drums at a few shows for my friends harry and the potters. that was so fun. i love those dudes for what they do and who they are."

Not only has Jason been busy in the musical endeavors of him and his friends, but was nice enough to also share what he has been listening to as well:

"today i drove from new york city back home to new hampshire and the cd's i listened to were gavin degraw 'chariot', pete yorn 'nightcrawler', j. geils band 'blow your face out LIVE' and the new "fellow project" album; they're a great band from long island. my new favorite musics are yukon, the new unreleased thanksgiving/adrian orange and her band album and i am always into van morrison. last night my friend and i downloaded some goo goo dolls, natasha bedingfield, the darkness and new radicals. as you can see/potentially laugh at, i like lots of different types of music."

In closing:

"personally, i think it is weird when people only listen to "indie rock," or any specific genre for that matter, with no room for anything outside of that. there is so much incredible stuff out there, even on the mainstream radio. down with guilty pleasures! embrace what you like! like what you like! anyhoo, i have been on tour pretty much straight for the last five years, and recently formed a mostly serious red hot chili peppers cover band called mother's milk. life is awesome!!! thank you again for this opportunity to talk a little about music."

The Not So Interviewed worked out so well, and once again, a HUGE thanks to Jason Anderson for being so awesome and taking the time out of his busy schedule to catch us up to speed!

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